The Advantages of Using Sharepoint for a Group Project

Sharepoint is a great way to form a collaborative team to get a project done. One of the biggest problems when coordinating a big project is the transfer of documents from one person to another. There is the constant question of whether or not any given document is up-to-date or accurate. This effect is even amplified if there is more than one aspect to the project or document. The problems associated with intricate communication are not often handled well by email. In fact, email may even compound the problem when working between several different people. Sharepoint takes all these different aspects of collaboration and puts them into one convenient software program. Everyone in the project now has access to this software, and as a result can access the latest information and aspects of the project.

By creating an online home for the project, now all the people working have a common point of reference for communication. Sharepoint will now serve as a reference for everything related to the project. It is useful for different members of the team to join in group communication, but even if that is not possible they will still have access to the latest information. One of the good things that Sharepoint does is create connections where there otherwise wouldn’t be. Sharepoint blogs and software search allow for customization of a user’s profile. This can build commonalities and help the creator decide whom to recruit for the project.


Another point of conflict for many people on a project is meetings. Converging on the right place at the right time is vitally important to getting the job done. Sharepoint offers a calendar that now makes this task much easier. The calendar feature allows the group to plan and schedule meetings and other important events that will come about during the life of the project. This feature eliminates much of the time and confusion associated with coordinating several people. It is just another way that the process is streamlined. People will now have no excuses for missing a meeting.

Though it is important to note that Sharepoint is not limited to scheduling. This program offers additional functionality as a budgeting and organizing application. If the group project needs to be on a certain budget, then Sharepoint can add an Excel spreadsheet that allows everyone to keep track of the costs. These costs can also be extrapolated to help the team determine whether or not they are on budget. This is another way that the software allows the user to make their projects more effective and less costly. Sharepoint is there every step of the way to insure that the project gets done correctly.

Lastly, there are all different kinds of data that can be incorporated through Sharepoint. Customer contacts, inventory, and sales data are just a few examples of the kinds of information that can be shared within a team. This information allows the team to make more effective decisions when it comes to the project. By putting all of this information on one platform, the team has full access to all the most important information regarding the project. The use of Sharepoint spans across many different uses and features for various organizations. Just a quick trial of the software will be more than enough to convince people that Sharepoint is vital software for people that are building a team project.

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